December 11, 2011

Free Laptops for Punjab Youth

upto 100K students of Punjab will be getting free Laptops at the expense of the government. i wonder do we all need Laptops? or should the amount be invested on some other educational gimmick?
although, getting a Laptop is one of the dreams of every student i believe, but life remains almost the same after getting this gadget.
moreover, what would be the specs of these machine?
Further information including lists of eligible candidates can be found at;
Free Laptops by Punjab Government
Punjab IT Labs Project
Specifications of laptop Computers as advertised on the website of Punjab IT Labs Project are as under;

The Bid Document which stipulates these specifications can be downloaded from;
Bidding Document for Supply and Commissioning of Laptop Computers Through out the Province of Punjab
I wonder what would be the end product that students of Punjab will be getting? 
Uptodate details can be found at;
wiredpakistan: Free Laptops for Punjab Youth

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