December 28, 2008

DEUTZ, history of the tower symbol

1917 with the beginning of the truck production in Ulm the first company logo of C.D. Magirus AG is born. It depicts the Ulm Cathedral inside a gear wheel.

Approx. 1920
The signet is refreshed optically. The name “Magirus Ulm” is added as an outer contour. Fire safety vehicles are given a red gear wheel – trucks a blue one.

From 1925
The combination of the cathedral tower and the initial capital letter “M” of Magirus and the label “MAGIRUS ULM A.D” (a.d. Donau) appears. On the 30th of September 1925 the signet is registered at the patent office as a trademark under number 350 015.

Humboldt-Deutzmotoren AG is Cologne takes over C.D. Magirus AG. A contract with Klockner-Werke AG in Duisburg has the company named Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD) from 1938. The newly designed logo is used in combination with the label “Magirus” as a product name and in modified forms for the products of the KHD factory Magirus in Ulm.

From 1964 to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the company the tower symbol is adopted as a uniform logo for the entire corporation. It is used with the additions KHD or KHD DEUTZ among others.
Since 1999 The company logo valid until the present day was introduced with the reorganization of KHD AG as DEUTZ AG in 1999. So colour has been brought back to the company logo for the first time since 1925. It still symbolizes Ulm Cathedral and not Cologne Cathedral as is often wrongly assumed.


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