November 2, 2008

Best standby and portable Residential Power Generators in Pakistan

I have long been into the quest for a nice compact silent standby natural gas / diesel powered generator. But frequent trickery of the government of PPPP regharding power loadshedding as well as high prices of these units vetoed me from buying one. Anyhow, I have learnt a lot about residential power generation in the meantime. Moreover, emergency lights worked overtime in the in the interim. Especially the Panasonic and Sanyo ones were quite brilliant. Most recent addition in my arsenal to fight power outs is a Phone Line powered LED Lamp. My brother tried an Energizer unit but that was a total disappointment as it dimmed out in just a week's time.

A handful of reliable branded power generators are now available in Pakistan and are listed as bellow.

check this out for commercial requirements;

Best 100kVA Power Generators in Pakistan, for businesses

Base Ten International (BTI)

This company is marketing DENYO power generators as well as compressors and welding machines in Pakistan. Being a professional Mechanical Engineer who is serving in the field of construction equipment I can certify that Japanese KUBOTA and ISUZU diesel engines powering these units are quite better from rest of the world. BTI is offering power generators starting from 5 kVA to 83 kVA covering the requirements of many in single as well as three phase applications. Some units are available with an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR).

Important links are as bellow:

Electricity generating machines offered by KUBOTA are also good but are not available in Pakistan as yet.

Pak Elektron Ltd (PEL)

Portable power generators offered by PEL are gaining popularity among the masses who are unaware of the fact that their diesel 5 kVA unit is a KIPOR simply painted to match PEL theme. Anyhow, good after sale services provided by PEL are attracting more and more customers who just wish to get rid off the power load shedding menace.

Important links are as below:

An interesting fact about KIPOR is that a power generator of this brand is powering the world's highest Mobile Telephone Base station on Mount Everest.

Cummins Sales and Service (Pakistan) Ltd.

I have not yet seen a mechanical engineer working in the field of earth moving machinery who is uninformed about Cummins Engines. Gasoline powered generators offered by Cummins Pakistan can be easily improvised to run on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Natural Gas. Anyhow, at some time in the past I was a big fan of their portable generators and was about to buy one until the brand Briggs & Stratton came into my knowledge.

Important links are as below:

Briggs & Stratton

The power generators offered by this giant US engine manufacturer are available at METRO Pakistan in standby and portable class labeled with the same brand name.

Moreover, generators powered by B&S engines are also being marketed by M/s VPL Ltd along with VOLVO products in the units labeled GESAN.

Important links are as below:

Kohler and SDMO

Top notch products from these two US and French Firms are available in Pakistan from TECHNOVISION outlets. 12RES of Kohler Standby Generator is one marvelous piece of technology which runs on Natural Gas available to domestic consumers. It is one of my favorites. I haven't read much about SDMO machines though these are great machines as well.

Important links are as below:


These generators are marketed by RASTGAR Group which is the property of one of the ten richest persons in Pakistan. After Sales Services offered by this group are quite dependable. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited as well as some other organizations are using the compressor solutions provided by this group with no spare parts and service issues. These units are powered by Honda as well as B&S engine.

Important links are as below:

Generacs and Pramacs

American Generacs and Italian Pramacs are also available in Pakistan. Most of the models offered here are Natural Gas powered.

Important links are as below:


The Japanese faithful work horse. This is all what I have to say about this wonderful machine. After sales services are readily available in Pakistan. It is no doubt the first choice of every common citizen of Pakistan including me. My father bought his first Honda Generator back in 1980's which still runs fine without an air filter.

Important links are as below:

Local Indigenously Assembled Power Generator

High price of the imported units helped this practice mushroom a lot. Local experts are now offering their technical recipes. Tastiest of the recipes contains a Toyota 2E Gasoline Engine improvised to run on Natural Gas coupled with a Chinese Aluminum or Copper wound alternator. This arrangement runs two or even three window type air conditioners with ease.

Important links are as below:

Millat Generating Sets
Millat Tractors Ltd (based in Lahore) has long been a symbol of technical prowess in Pakistan. At the height of their expertise they tried to assemble Mitsubishi Jeeps for Pakistan Army, but their efforts met failure in the trials of the said organization and the order was placed for meaner Toyota Jeeps which are powered by a huge 4.5L straight 6 Petrol Engine. However, they continued to expand their empire and are now offering a number of agricultural products as well as Diesel Generating Sets. Their MPG-25 series sets of 15 to 25 kVA falls in the category of Residentail Power Generators for me at least. I expect quality from this concern due to it's affiliation with giants Perkins, Leroy Somer and Stamford. Further details can be found at;

Multiline Engineering Co.
Another engineering concern (based in Lahore) which has continued to show its presence in the relatively smaller engineering sector of Pakistan since long. Their affiliation with Lister Peter and Sincro makes them special with refernce to generator manufacturing. Details of their offers for TL and GA series of 8-16 kVA and 16-25 kVA generators can be found as under,
They also offer Millat Generators with their own branding, canopy, ATS and Deep sea Controls in 10, 12, 15 kVA units priced at 425,000, 432,000 and 505,000 Rs. respectively.
Moreover, Pramacs, Hondas and Yamahas are also on their inventory list. Details can be found at,

The Generator Thread being maintained on the forums section of this site really quenched my thirst of knowing power generating machines. A lot of answered questions are readily available on this site.

Important links are as below:

The number of posts and the quality of content on this site really astonished me. I was not expecting a technical approach from these car maniacs.

Important links are as below:!65543~ForumID!23~pw.html

The menace of power load shedding seems unending.
The latest in the offerings are as under;

YAMAHA Generators in Pakistan
Yamaha a renowned name is now available in Pakistan in handy, portable as well as diesel range. Diesel range sounds interesting though.
They can be found at 
Prices of some interesting Generators are being detailed as under
EDL13000TE(rated output 12.0 kVA, diesel)          Rs. 630,000.00

EF6600E(rated output 5.0 kVA, gasoline)               Rs.128,000.00

EF6600(rated output 5.0 kVA, gasoline)                  Rs.90,000.00

EF5200EFW(rated output 3.8 kVA, gasoline)         Rs.98,500.00

Multiline Engineering Co.
A local assembler and importer of power generators having a huge client-age which comprises of almost all the major players in the Telecom sector.
Their production range comprises of generators employing Perkins (UK), IVECO/FPT (Italy), Sincro (Italy), yamaha (Japan), Deepsea (UK) and several other world renowned companies.
More details can be found at;
Offer A
Diesel 12KVA
Rs. 480,000/- 
Rs. 562000/- with 17% GST
with (Canopy)
Ready Stock
2 – 3 Liters/Hour of HSD Consumption
Perkins – Sincro
Offer B
Natural Gas 10 KVA (Petrol Yamaha) 
Rs. 345,000 + 50,000 (for Canopy)    
Rs. 445,000 + 10,000 (for Gaskit) with 17% GST
2 Years warranty
Delivery in 01 Month

One of the most reliable names operating in Pakistan having sufficient credibility which can attract both residential as well as industrial customers. By the way they also have dealership of John Deere Engines in Pakistan and are dealing in Kohler as well as SDMO power generating sets targeting almost all the market segments.
Offer A
Diesel 15 KVA
Rs. 650,000/- (01 Year Warranty)
Rs. 150,000/- (for Canopy & ATS)
Mitsubishi – Meccalte
3 – 4 Liters/Hour HSD Consumption
Price is inclusive of Taxes
Offer B
Natural Gas
9.3 KVA (Kohler with 01 Year Warranty)
Rs. 360,000 + 40,000 (for ATS)
Natural Gas
14 KVA (Kohler with 01 Year Warranty)
Rs. 460,000 + 40,000 (for ATS)
Price is inclusive of Taxes


  1. Anonymous19.6.09

    Thanks . Gr8 info u have here . I run a 10 KV yanmar diesel in Pakistan imported from the UK.

  2. Anonymous19.6.09

    PS also run a Honda ex 1000 thats 1 kv petrol to run fans a fridge and lights , works a treat use little fuel about 6 or 7 hours on 3.5 litres but the yanmar is the works as it runs Air con and every thing else for the hot summer months.

  3. i believe Yanmar's are better engines.
    btw how much the said Yanmar Diesel powered generator costed to you?

  4. Nadir19.6.09

    Salam Zaheer. The Yanmar is a beauty. We got it with just under 1800 hours use for the amount of 1300 UK pounds. The shipping was at no cost as my uncle shipped out a couple of containers full of gen sets and other stuff.Its in great condition and runs sweet, never short of power.I got some pics i will see if i can get them to you somehow.

  5. nadir19.6.09

    Brand new these sets sell for around 4000/5000 UK pounds. We had the choice and still have of the Kobuta 10kv with avr but the kobuta looked much smaller in engine size so we opted to keep this one as we have a huge load when we vist in summer.It uses on average about 2 litres fuel at full load thats 2 window dawlance old style AC's many lights 2 fridges, a 2 HP moter for the well pump 1 hp for the water tank, TV , fans coolers basically every thing electric in and outside of our house in rural jhelum. Its noise level is low for what it is at about 90db. My dad is so obsessed with power loss during his stay that he also has a 80 watt solar panel wired to AGS 200 amp UPS battery and a pure sine wave inverter just in case any thing goes wrong with his lap top. Include the Honda ex 1000 portable generator also from the UK on top. I really love the honda its so easy to start and ideal for most things excluding the well moter and AC's.

  6. Kubotas are good too.
    Anyhow, i personally dream about getting the following gensets of Hatz
    seems that japanese have adopted a very good marketing strategy in UK.
    surprised to see that you haven't yet got a DENYO.
    that 80W solar is hip no doubt at least here in this part of the world.
    i have been to jhelum too in the yester years and did my Fsc. from APSAC Jhelum Cantonment.

  7. Nadir20.6.09

    The Hatz range looks impressive and smart made in Germany. I think they share the same platform as sdmo. Denyo are not so well known here in the UK. We got ours from an auction in the UK of industrial machinary including diggers and dumpers. The Yanmar is put togather by Pramac paired with a brushless McAlte generating set. My uncle runs a generator hire and sales bussiness on the GT Road opp the Pak tobacco company Jhelum about 3 miles past the Cantoment. Power Link Jhelum . If you ever go that way check it out he has about 50 or more industrial sets including light towers. The light towers are popular with the locals ideal for events such as sports tournaments, Jalsa's etc.

  8. nadir20.6.09 this is the exact model we have but in red colour. What do you know of ATS switch gear?

  9. Amazing post... thanks for the super info man... wish you the best.. ps. you are a lifesaver..

  10. I enjoy reading your topic and i will share this site again if i have time again.,,to many work to be done

  11. nadir31.3.10

    Zaheer. hope you have made a full recovery from the fever. What do you know about converting a 2 pole generator head to a 4 pole so it can run at 1500 rpm hence lower running costs?

  12. Anonymous22.5.10

    good generator directory for pakistan

  13. I am in Malaysia & doing my masters.I have come across a very popular Chinese brand LAUNTOP in Malaysia so I forwarded this info to my borhter. As this is the biggest manufacturer of generators in China I think from 0.65 KVA to 3000 KVA. Did lot of research before my brother bought it from the local market & after using, I recommended many of my friends & family to buy one of these only. The price we paid for model #: LT6500CLE Rs. 65000 which includes 2 service & 6 months engine replacement guarantee.
    Its been almost 19 months & we are using it regularly fine....MASHALLAH...

  14. If you really are interested in reliable, good brand generators in Pakistan then you surely needs to look at

  15. Those are some good looking generators. Are any of them diesel? I like to take a little generator camping with me so my kids can watch a movie if they want.

  16. @RHurst
    i would recommend you to opt for Hondas or Yamahas for the stated purpose.

  17. Nabeel10.6.12

    Want to know which generator is best or which generator is china manufactured or Japan manufactured????
    All answers are available on just a call/sms.....!!!!
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    So now for what you are confused common don't hesitate contact me...
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  26. Anonymous19.9.17

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